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The perfect date

Just like no one is perfect theres not a perfect date to you anyway as long as you employ my advice she will tell you she had an amazing night, chances are you will slip on something wether you quietly embarass yourself where only she notices or the thought damn i shoulda done that the night wouldve been soo much better, stop save it for next time, and what you thought was embarassing shell probally think is cute and giggle i will tell you how you should act through the entirety of the date and how to cope with this in my valentines day series. P.s. if you have been reading since the beginning you should be able to guess what im going to say.



I got a comment last night from this gentleman and i decided it would be a great post. You could work more, or you could get a hobby and go to clubs on weekends, just be positive, optimistic, talk to every girl that catches your eye, now there will most likely be days where you get depressed but just live life! Any questions, think i should add something, leave feedback and i will promptly reply.