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The perfect date

Just like no one is perfect theres not a perfect date to you anyway as long as you employ my advice she will tell you she had an amazing night, chances are you will slip on something wether you quietly embarass yourself where only she notices or the thought damn i shoulda done that the night wouldve been soo much better, stop save it for next time, and what you thought was embarassing shell probally think is cute and giggle i will tell you how you should act through the entirety of the date and how to cope with this in my valentines day series. P.s. if you have been reading since the beginning you should be able to guess what im going to say.


Be your self!!!

If you try to play someone else your a fake and sometimes you just look like a fool, be true to your self. For some a style might fit you but you just havent discovered it yet, like playing country music and wearin justins, cant forget the relaxed cut blues, thats me i feel comforatable like that besides ladys loveĀ  em. Inless you were born into it please dont try to act like your from the hood its really unapealing inless your with another hood rat, if that is all you know i sugest you try to better yourself cause that will not get you anywheres. The ‘bad boy’ that may be cool in like 8th grade otherwise your a degenerate or a gypsy n thats fine if you wanna live like that, hey for some thats the best way to live. But the point is if your gonna meet someone special your better off being yourself, i was started talking to this country chick, shes gorgeous total country girl but she had drama n somewheres we just stopped talking, anyways i looked like shit i had on jeans, a hoodie and my hair was a mess! Shit i was out with my mom that day so guys theres really no excuses, build your confidence look good, be yourself. If you need to talk in private, lead some feed back so ill have your contact info n ill be sure to get back to ya.

Where do i go?

Anywheres! Ive learned you can meet a great girl anywheres, book storrs, the mall online, the coffee shop, anywhere your daily plans take you, oh dont rule out online cause you can meet some of the best people.

Meeting girls

Ok guys, in highschool i never went on a date, actuall before the summer after back in 08 i was to jervous to even ask a girl out. I have come a long way, last year i went to a club with an old friend from hs, back then he seemed like he could pretty much have any girl well after tje club hed be like damn john howd you do that, my buddies had to drink before they even felt comforatable going into a club. My point is dress fresh if you have a sister or a close friend thats a girl or even your friends sister get an opinion if your not sure if you look good, believe in your self dance with as many girls as you can while your in there inless you find one n your both into eachother, in public you should also look good just be confident dont be cocky they hate that, when you see a girl you want, dont hesitate, before you make your move tell yourself quietly im getting her # or tell yourself im getting her name and having a conversation, then she will likely want to be friends, maybe more, not only with women allways believe in yourself and tell yourself what you want will happen. Any questions leave a comment/feedback i promise i will get back to you.


My philosophy is, they should be respected whether their 14, 40 or 84. If you feel they dont deserve respect they should not be in your life, the simple things count especialy on the first date, openening doors, being cheesey (most chicks love it) they want to be kissed, especialy if their fidgeting, looking down at your lips, into your eyes. Send them sweet text messeges when you get home after the date, make em feel special, if you want to test the waters a bit dont go past the 4th date where your talking to another girl as more than friends, they generally know if they actually want to continue the relationship after the 3rd.