My philosophy is, they should be respected whether their 14, 40 or 84. If you feel they dont deserve respect they should not be in your life, the simple things count especialy on the first date, openening doors, being cheesey (most chicks love it) they want to be kissed, especialy if their fidgeting, looking down at your lips, into your eyes. Send them sweet text messeges when you get home after the date, make em feel special, if you want to test the waters a bit dont go past the 4th date where your talking to another girl as more than friends, they generally know if they actually want to continue the relationship after the 3rd.

    • Amanda Pies
    • January 21st, 2011

    This is actually true in most cases. So I, if I were a guy, wouldn’t pass this type of information up. 🙂 Very real and true advice.

    • Yea guys, ya here her, subscribe to my blog and leave your opinions.

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